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Vinko c1 stuck on reboot

[Solved] “No Command” Error In Recovery Mode On Android

Thanks for your reply, but this didn't help! The program says installation was succesful but it still won't boot and I still can't get in recovery. You must wait a very long time after upgrade. This happened to me with xposed too. Just upgrade, follow instructionst and be patient.

Are you talking about the same model? Iohanbarth said it won't work because of the odex, so that's a bit strange. How long exactly did it take? I restarted my phone when the boot logo was there for about 10 minutes. I dont remember exactly how much i wait but it was around 30 mins and restarted few times. Then i go to stock recovery and wipe it and booted firs time normally. Im tolking about mobile upgrade tool not about exposed.

I just mention that i soft bricked my phone with it too. So you also got the black screen? If that is true then i just have to reset it, but still can't get into recovery! Yes, black screen after mobile upgrade and noting happens for about 30 or more minutes. Then i restarted two or free times and after that i tried and i able to go to recovery.

Will try, but not much hope left Is there anyway to hard reset the phone without booting, using recovery or adb? I guess not. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. DeNarco Mar OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro announced — Everything you need to know! April 14, Working Remotely? Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : 1. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3.

I made a backup in stock recovery before I installed the Xposed framework. After the installation i did a reboot but it stuck at the boot logo.

Then i restored my backup but it didn't work, the screen just turned black, so after an hour i restarted my phone. Now I can't do anything, i can't even get in recovery but it is a soft brick, i can still see the boot logo. Does anybody know what to do? I would really appreciate your help!Discussion in ' Vizio Co-Star ' started by racketierJan 13, Log in or Sign up. Android TV Forums. Stuck on Vizio loading screen after factory reset Discussion in ' Vizio Co-Star ' started by racketierJan 13, Jan 13, 1.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my remote not responding lately. I finally decided to do a hard reset. I used the button on the bottom of the Costar, and now my Costar is stuck on the loading screen with the Vizio V logo.

I left it on over night and it never finished loading. I've tried unplugging and replugging the device's power several times. I've also tried holding the reset button while the device was unplugged and while plugged in. Anyone else experience this or have ideas for a fix? Jan 13, 2. Jan 14, 3. I called Vizio's support and even their level 4 tech's had never seen this issue before.

I spoke to a manager there and was able to get Vizio to send me a new unit with a hold on my CC for the charge until I return the old unit.

Jan 15, 4. Mine is doing the same thing. It started with the remote not responding now it just shows the V and doesnt move on. Jan 15, 5. Jan 16, 6. Apr 22, 7. Like x 2. May 23, 8. I had the exact same issue with my 1st replacement co-star, which was refurbished.

It worked perfectly for 3 months and then just died, with the same stuck on the V screen and factory resets not working at all. Vizio just sent me another replacement, a brand new unit, so we'll see what happens. Jun 1, 9. I saw the same problem, stuck on the V screen, wont respond or do a thing. The fix was surprisingly easier. Sure, I tried the factory reset no help and turning it off for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, even went to an hour before I realized that wasnt helping.

So I saw they are available at Best buys and just grabbed a new one. When i use a brand new power adapter the old "broken" one started working again.I will show how you can bypass this screen and when you successfully bypass through this screen you will then see the normal Android Recovery Menu for which you are looking for. This fix will work for any Android Phones and Tablets. The Android No Command is very troublesome screen that sometimes gets displayed when you try to reset Android device.

vinko c1 stuck on reboot

In most of the cases when users try to reset their phone they have no problems, but in sometimes every now and then some users encounter with the Android No Command screen on their devices.

It could be confusing as if you have ever reset any Android phone, its normally straight forward until you see this no command screen. This screen does not inform anything and simply says No command. You may get No command screen when Super Users Access has been denied or cancelled during the installation process of app store Google Apps Installer widgetOS software update or when you try to reset your smartphone. In any of the cases you have to enter Android Recovery Mode and manually finish the process.

Tips: You must take out your memory card and in some cases your SIM card as well, from your phone before you perform the process. When you see the resting robot or an exclamation point in triangle then you are in the Recovery Mode and you have to follow below mentioned steps to bring up the usual Recovery Menu.

Well in Android, recovery mode refers to dedicated and bootable partition which consists of recovery console installed. After few keys are pressed all at a time will boot your phone in recovery state. Here you can easily get some tools to help to fix the installation along with installation of official OS updates.

When you think to reboot your Android device then you have to follow the below steps which can help to do hard reset of your device. Follow the steps:. Here as soon as you select factory reset option, you will get a warn that your data will get erased.

Still if you want to continue then select Yes and Android device will be restored to factory state. In order to bypass the NO command screen and to enter into Recovery Mode, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps. Step 1: When you see the No Command screen you have to do the following.

Also note that you have to try different button combination and find out the correct combination for your device. You get the idea try different button combinations until you find the correct one. You have to try the different button combination until and unless you find the right one as it different for every device and bring up the Recovery Menu. Step 2: Once you find the right button combination and when Recovery Menu comes up and you can go ahead and select Wipe Factory Reset or Wipe Cache Partition as you might have wanted to do so in recovery.

vinko c1 stuck on reboot

Step 3: Once the process completes, you can then proceed further and reboot your phone. Just press Volume Up and tap to select it. Hopefully, now you will not encounter such problem and you can use your Android device as usual. But you do not need to worry about it anymore. It will help you to retrieve photos, videoscontacts, call history, call recordings, text messages, whatsapp data and other files. When your device is connected successfully, Android Data Recovery will show the types of data it supports.

It has checked all types of files by default. You just need to choose the data type you wish to recover.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

Android Bootloop Problem: How to Fix it Without Data Loss

The monitor first goes black, then powers down but nothing happens - the system keeps running without actually rebooting. I have to press the reset button on my case in order to reboot. It seems like this patch makes Windows send the wrong sequence of instructions for this CPU.

This has never been the case for this PC prior to this update. Linux reboots just fine. Windows 7 prior to this update has always rebooted just fine. One thing is sure: it's a major regression. Edit KB doesn't fix the issue.

Edit Woody Leonhard mentioned the issue in his Ask Woody blog. The initial reporter is utterly confused though, says that reboot leads to hibernation. No, it does not lead to hibernation at all.

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I have exactly the same problem on multiple computers from multiple vendors: Dell OptiplexOptiplexand Lenovo M82s. All running Win7 x64, and exhibiting the problem whereby sometimes the rebooting process will hang just before the PC actually turns off, leaving it in this state:. Uninstalling KB and KB resolve the problem. Installing the February preview brings the problem back.

On identically-imaged PCs, some seem to fail rarely if ever, and one fails almost every time. I tried a great many experiments, including updating BIOS and drivers, uninstalling antivirus, Deep Freeze interestingly, only computers that we have configured with Deep Freeze are failing, although Deep Freeze machines need many more reboots than regular PCsleaving the domain and joining a different domain and a workgroup, selective startups, etc.

I will be testing additional PCs with this workaround soon, but wanted to float this to see if anyone else can confirm that this improves matters. Or if there's a better workaround.

Oppo Realme C2 (RMX1941EX) Official Firmware

Tried at least half dozen times and all good so far. Thanks for investigating this and putting me on the right path to correct this issue. Microsoft has caused me so many lost hours of troubleshooting problems they inject with updates you wonder if they have any quality control. I can also confirm that C6 seems to be the problem. My early tests last Friday suggested that the only state that didn't work was C6. You used the phrase "correct this issue.If you are having the Android boot loop problems where your Android phone is stuck on the boot screen consider yourself lucky as you have found your way to one of the tutorials that can actually help you in fixing your device and free you from been stuck on the Android screen.

The problem is an all too common one where your Android smartphone begins booting then after the Android or Manufacturers logo the phone gets into a never-ending boot loop or your device just becomes stuck on the Android screen.

Nothing seems to work in getting the smartphone back to functionality and the only way to power down the device is to pull the battery. If you are having the problem as described above of: My Android phone is stuck on boot screen rest assured that the solution can be found ahead. The Stuck on the Android boot screen issue can affect smartphones of any brand that are ruining the Android operating system which includes the: Samsung Galaxy series of phones e.

Once the device runs Android including Tablets then they may end up in a boot loop and become stuck on the Android screen. For this guide we will be using the BLU Studio 5. As always be sure to read all the instructions before you proceed. Power off your Android device, if it cannot be powered off by long pressing the power button then go ahead and remove the back panel and pull the battery.

vinko c1 stuck on reboot

Doing so should force the device to power off. Side note: some device have a dedicated physical Home button if your device has this hold it as well. Once your Smartphones first logo or manufacturers logo flashes for the first time let go of all buttons except Volume up and you will be loaded into a special mode with a little Android guy on its back with an Exclamation mark.

If for some reason the above did not work for you do not worry as in some case the phone can be experiencing a more severe issue that will require that you flash the stock firmware on the phone from scratch which will allow it to boot up fully once more and you should be able to use your device, otherwise:.

Congratulations you have saved yourself a trip to the phone repair shop and a large bill and all it took was some common sense and a guide from BlogTechTips. Best of all if you are having an issue leave a comment and be detailed as possible and I will definitely get back to you.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I dropped my phone on a concrete surface back down. The screen did not break, but i have since the drop been having problem with the phone. The phone boots at interval. I tried to reset it, i could not do it, because it flagged no command error. Please, help. Sure my friend glad to help, when your device shows: No Command-after following the instructions above,press the volume up key for a few seconds 10 seconds or sothen without releasing the volume up key tap the power button once, you should now see the menu options as described above.

Hi, I did everything as mentioned. I got to every screen ok and did exactly what you said. This usually fixes the issue in most cases, seems your phone might be severely bricked, next you can attempt to flash your device if that does not work then you might be out of options and you did not wipe your phone for nothing as fixing your device is going to require refreshing the Android OS in one form or another.

I have the studio 5. Change the button combination, if volume up got you to that screen then use volume down next and so on…. I have the bleu studio 5. You may be in the wrong menu friend variate your button cumbo until you find the correct menu or research your specific device.

I have the stock recovery menu. The alternative would be to reload the operating system on your device as your problems seems to be more severe as the method above is usually enough to correct the issue. Seems your device may have been Hard Bricked I will have to do a followup tutorial on handling that problem and manually reloading the Android OS. My phone is a blu 5. Not sure what you mean did you boot into recovery mode successfully? What options are you seeing?

I am not familiar with the Coby phone but try manually resetting it again, sometimes it takes multiple tries. Sorry to hear this usually fixes he issue in most cases unless you have hard bricked your device. Hello my phone was rooted and I try to update the phone since then I got stuck on the no command screen I followed exact step as you it didnt work.Most users do not realize their issue as the normal Android interface of their phone is in English and when they have a problem and need to hard reset with the button combination they find the recovery in Chinese.

In this article I will show you how to navigate said menu on a china phone which recover menu is in Chinese and perform a factory reset on your device to fix various issues such as being stuck on the Android boot screen or logo, too many pattern attempts or forgotten password, stuck in a boot loop or other issues with your device. As said most users think there device is totally English or from America only to go into recovery to find the language to be Chines, this can happen in any brand of Android phone or device such as BLU or those Samsung Galaxy Clonesor phones that are manufactured in china.

Watch the video below to see how its done as I show you step by step instructions on how to reset your device:. While its off press the volume down keyhome key and power button at once and keep holding until you boot into recovery mode. On some devices there are variations such as holding volume up instead of down and if there is no physical home button on your device leave that out while attempting the button comination. In your case either you are in the wrong menu or the naming of the options have been changed up a bit and the option you are looking for is under a different heading.

Who knows it might be another language. Too many pattern attempt Fix. It will start the wiping process so give it some time and it should wipe and reboot your device automatically.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Well my clone note 2 has the chinese menu but the thing is is does not have the emmc at the end at the 5th option it does have first 2 chinese symbols but with 2 more chinese symbols. When you hit the option it just restarts the phone. I already took the phone to 3 phone shops and no one can do anything.

Do i just destroy the phone ore it has a miracle factory reset option? Once its Android it should have the Option Joseph, its either you are in the wrong menu or the wording of the menu is a bit different. If I can see the screen I would be able to help, can you take a screen shot and upload it to a free image sharing service like:imgur.

Hi Ricardo. Please help. I was not able to factory reset my galaxy note II clone. Instead of eMMC it has MMO and my home button works the same as the volume up and down key to scroll through the options.

Could you help me reset my phone? The capacitive menu button may be used as select or tapping power, as for what the screen is saying without a picture its hard to figure out. Here is a trick you can try but it will require another android phone and a app called: Google Translate. When you open the app select the camera and choose translate from Chinese to English or set it to detect the language for you and point your phone camera at your Chinese phone menu and it should translate your screen to English from there its a easy matter of reading and selecting the correct options to reset.

Hope that helps, sometimes we have to get a bit creative. Thanks that helps, but I have one other question. When I loaded Google Apps my Irulu tablet started to react slowly and would also freeze. My question is was it the download of Google Apps or something else.

My tablet uses Android 5.Resetting the TV deletes all data and changes all settings adjustments back to the defaults. It basically makes the TV just like it was the first time it was taken out of the box and powered on. The TV will then restart. When the TV powers back on the Vizio setup menu will guide you through connecting the TV to the internet and connecting satellite or cable TV service.

While completing the reset process the TV may ask you to enter a parental code. If it does the default parental code is 0 0 0 0. After you confirm you want to reset the TV it will power off then automatically power on again. The OOBE setup menu will appear which will walk you through steps to setup your TV again so you can continue to watch TV channels and use internet app. Resetting the TV is a simple process and can often solve problems with TVs.

Check out the other articles on this site if yo continue to have problems. Was this article helpful? I hope so. Please leave you comments and questions in the comments below. After installing my TV it powered up and I ignored the set up screen which came on immediately.

After 3 minutes of completing installation I then went to the remote and by this time everything was too late and I missed some important screens of which was was agreeing to XXX. After doing a complete factory reset I was then met with the necessary questions and proper set up, I did this and Netflix sign on screen came on immediately.

How to Factory Reset every China Android Phone with Chinese Recovery

Perhaps Vizio should not advance the set up until there is input from the remote otherwise other like myself will be missing the initial start up screen and being upset for over 12 hours which it took me to resolve this problem. I just got my tv today. Set it all up, netflix, wifi, etc. How do I fix it. This is NOT enough time to get into the menu to do a factory reset. Whatever we do must be through the buttons on the TV and not the screen menu system.

We did try unplugging the unit for 2 minutes, but no change. We have not tried doing that while pressing any button or combination. We went through the manual and nothing there addresses this situation or not being able to use the menu system. Unplugging only worked a couple of times now mine just goes onto the start up screen and stays there. Very un happy. I think my TV is stuck in this situation, after factory reset when it goes to the home use set up menu it goes off.

How can I get through this screen or downgrade the firmware to a usable one? When am in the store display mode I can use the tv through hdmi to watch movies.


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