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Ffx stat maxing

Read on to know how to fill up the sphere grid and know where to obtain the spheres necessary for the procudure. List of Contents. The total obtainable stat in the sphere grid are limited. It is therefore, necessary to upgrade the grid by using items in order to be able to best the thoughest enemies such as nemesis and the dark aeons. In the course of the game, you will unlock monsters in the Monster Arena. Some monsters here drops the stat up spheres which is needed to do the stat maxing procedure.

Below is a table that contains all stat up spheres and which enemy to defeat to obtain it. Strength is needed to consistently deal 99, damage with the celestial weapons. Luck is needed to hit the highly evasive Dark Aeons. Defense and Magic Defense are needed to survive the enemy attacks, and Agility is needed to be able to get your turns. Not all stats are important to defeat the end game bosses. It is highly advisable to not farm HP spheres and break the HP limit.

Upgrading your Hp will make your healing weaker as most healing options can only heal up to causing the Celestial weapons to deal less damage. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like. As a member: Get access to several features! How to Max Stats. All Rights Reserved. The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game. The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department.

We refuse the right to reuse or repost content taken without our permission such as data or images to other sites. List of Contents What is Stat Maxing? How to do Stat Maxing? Comment Post 0 Comments. The Like Feature You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like.

ffx stat maxing

Register as a member and get all the information you want. It's free! Opinions about an article or post go here. Opinions about an article or post. In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about "How to Max Stats" with us!The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy X.

Player character stats are increased by Spheres on the Sphere Grid. Battle stats apply to both party members and enemies. Lv indicates the amount a character can move on the Sphere Grid, and is increased by AP. The AP required for gaining sphere levels increases the further a character has progressed through the grid, up to a maximum of 22, after levels. AP allows the player to gain additional sphere levels and move around the grid.

The amount of AP needed for an S. LV progressively increases until the character has received S. LV, and thereafter always will require 22, AP to generate a new S. AP is gained in battle after defeating most enemiesand earned by all characters who performed an action, including defendingin that battle characters which did not or were never in the party during the battle receive nothing.

Certain weapon auto-abilities can increase AP gain. HP is the unit's health, and at 0, the unit is knocked out. If fighting a Fiend and the equipped weapon has Capture equipped, the enemy will be captured instead.

If the attack on an enemy deals a certain damage over the amount they have left depending on the enemythey will be Overkilled. MP determines the amount of spells a unit can cast. The standard MP limit of player characters iswhich can be increased by equipping armor with the Break MP Limit ability, raising the limit to 9, MP.

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Lulu 's path on the Sphere Grid has the most amount of MP nodes. They can be obtained by defeating Juggernautwhich will drop 2 Strength Spheres when Overkilled. The Strength limit of player characters is At this level, the majority of attacks will deal max damage of 9, which can be increased to 99, with the Break Damage Limit equipped on a weapon.

All Celestial Weapons come with this ability. They can be obtained by defeating Tanketwhich will drop 2 Defense Spheres when Overkilled. The Cheer ability can raise Defense. Tidus's path on the Sphere Grid has the most amount of Defense nodes on the Standard grid, while Auron's path has the most amount on the Expert grid.

The Magic Booster auto-ability can increase spell damage dealt without increasing the magic stat.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Armed with these formulas I think it would be pretty easy answer whether I need any Evasion or Accuracy at all, should I reach Luck.

In addition to the guide Kevin linked in his comment, GameFAQs also has a stat mechanics guide and an enemy database that's helpful for this question. Basically, Accuracy and Evasion are used to calculate the accuracy of the attack.

In the end, the answer is that, even if your own Accuracy and Evasion are low, if your Luck is high enough, you should hit the enemy and they should miss you nearly all the time. According to the enemy database, it appears that Dark Mindy, with her Luck, would be the enemy whose Luck stat would make it most difficult to hit and evade. Let's start by pointing out that Luck is the most difficult stat to achieve and should not be entered into lightly. Your Accuracy is compared to the attacker's Evasion And the output is crunched to a number in the range 0 to 10, call it AccuracyPreLuck.

Again citing from section IV of the document with copyright requests there is no special calculation for evasion, EvasionPreLuck for purposes of evasion is simply the target evasion minus to the attacker accuracy. And the same formulas apply:. Answer: The most effective sphere grid will contain Luck, 65 Evasion, and 0 Accuracy.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 2 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 5k times. This is a question about maximizing Luck and doing away with all Evasion and Accuracy. A good answer to this question would be supported by the following: What is the formula for calculating a hit?

What is the formula for calculating a critical hit? What is the formula for calculating an evasion? Which enemy has the maximum stat contribution to each of these formulas? Jonathan Mee Jonathan Mee 2, 2 2 gold badges 15 15 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Kevin Sounds like some of an answer? Yet, it's advisable to keep at least 30 Evasion so that you can Evade all of Dark Ixion's physical attacks. I have no idea if it's an answer, I didn't read it now, it's just the guide I used when maxing my stats waaaaaaaay back when.

Now you can play it through again with me and get all the achievements, and figure out the answers to all my stat maxing questions.

Active Oldest Votes.Spheres are items that can be used on the Sphere Grid. They can be used to fill empty nodes, unlock locked nodes and activate nodes as indicated below. Games About Support Contact. Spheres A list of the Sphere items that can be obtained in the game.

Standard List Alphabetical. Power Sphere. Refer to the Stat Maxing section of the Tips and Tricks area for additional information on how to acquire them quickly. Mana Sphere. Speed Sphere. It can be used to customize a weapon with the following Auto-Abilities: Distill Speed 2 required It can be used to teach an Aeon the following ability: Extract Speed 20 required Aim 5 required Reflex 10 required Where to find it: Red Spheres are a common drop from numerous enemies.

Ability Sphere. It can be used to customize a weapon with the following Auto-Abilities: Distill Ability 2 required Sensor 2 required It can be used to teach an Aeon the following ability: Extract Ability 20 required Scan 10 required Where to find it: Red Spheres are a common drop from numerous enemies.

Fortune Sphere. It can be used to teach an Aeon the following ability: Luck 2 required Jinx 2 required Where to find it: Red Spheres are a very rare drop and are difficult to obtain. Refer to the Stat Maxing section of the Tips and Tricks area for additional information on how to acquire Red Spheres. Attribute Sphere. Where to find it: Yellow Spheres are a very rare drop and are difficult to obtain. The only method of obtaining an Attribute Sphere is by Bribing a Maelspike forgil which will get you 1 Sphere.

Special Sphere. The only method of obtaining an Special Sphere is by defeating Seymourbribed from a Adamantoise for 1, gil which will get you 6 of them, or found in a chest in the Inside Sin area.

Skill Sphere. The only method of obtaining an Skill Sphere is by bribing a Zu forgil which will get you 2 or found in a treasure chest in the Via Purifico. Wht Magic Sphere.

The only method of obtaining an Wht Magic Sphere is by bribing a Dark Flan forgil which will get you 2 or found in a treasure chest in the Via Purifico or in the Besaid Temple. Blk Magic Sphere. The only method of obtaining an Blk Magic Sphere is by bribing a Black Element forgil which will get you 2 or found in a treasure chest in the Via Purifico.Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. It's probably my favorite dungeon in FF.

ffx stat maxing

Because it's always challenging and if you don't pay attention, you're going to die. Thanks to X-2's battle system, it's fun to try and find a strategy to get through. And no, I didn't use Cat Nip. If Cat Nip hadn't been so broken, this dungeon probably would've gotten the reputation it deserved.

Which brings up an interesting point: do you think being able to max out your stats is a good thing? FFX-2 didn't have this and thus, it was able to create one of the most difficult dungeons because you are very limited to what you can have - two accessory slots is not much.

Compare that to say FFX, where once you max out your stats, you can kill anything and everything with barely a problem. So what do you think of the Via Infinito?

Also, do you think stat maxing is a good or bad feature? I love it. I love that you can go up and heal, then go back down to the last floor you were on; you don't have to start from the beginning again.

It's a nice little change of pace when you are bored with normal gameplay, and what to do a mini-game. I consider it more a a mini-game, even though it's a side-quest.

Originally Posted by Shinx. Buffalo wings are the greatest smurfing new thing I've ever heard. Pee in their business, which is at work so incredibly hard, and you spelled narcissistic wrong. Black Power Ranger is the most beautiful goddamn woman on Earth. So I've got goddamn shrapnel in my corner. It was hilarious because the rest of the game was pretty much patethically easy, yet the Via Infinito is one of the toughest challenges in the entire game, maybe even in the series.

Floors were fine, even if the Floor 40 and 60 bosses were very tough, but really 70 onwards was a struggle. The enemies were relentless, and the bosses were also so, so tough. I hate dragons jumping out of corners and Tomberrys in holes.

However, I think it is cool what Trema does with Zeyon. It's quite possibly the hardest dungeon in the entire series, which is ironic, seeing as it's featured in what is otherwise the easiest game in the series. It's so hard that many people probably would have never completed it if not for catnip. Myself included.Equipment which increases a stat specifically, Strength, Magic, Spirit, and Speed temporarily when equipped contributes a fractional, permanent bonus if it is equiped when a character gains a level.

For example, when Steiner equips his sword Defender, his Spirit temporarily increases by three. If he levels up with Defender equipped, his permanent Spirit will increase more than it would have had he leveled up without that plus three bonus. The same goes for any hat, wristlet, amor or accessory equiped that boosts one of these stats. The increase will be fracitonal at each level-up, but can result in gains of many stat points over ninety-nine levels.

Naturally, Atomos's guide discusses stat maxing significantly and in detail sufficient to achieve any of several stat-related perfect game goals. For additional reference, GameFAQs user letao has contributed extensively to the understanding of maximizing stats in a FF9 file. He has a program which has determined the optimal possible equipment-leveling combinations for each character. He has made this program available to run through his website. Additionally, his guide on the subject of "perfect stats" details the mathematics, the philosophy, and the how-to of optimizing character growth in Final Fantasy IX.

However, there are multiple interpretations for what constitutes "perfect" stats in Final Fantasy IX. Different equipment combinations can maximize different stats, and with some exceptions stats will never reach their programmed maxima. The exceptions are three: all characters can bring Spirit to its hard cap of 50, Zidane's Speed can reach 50, and Eiko can reach some maxima if the player exploits the glitch whereby Marcus' levels-up increase her stats although this glitch isn't possible to exploit in a E2PG due to time constraints.

Because different combinations of high stats are possible, multiple goals are possible. Atomos's guide accommodates pursuing several different goals by describing the different steps needed throughout the game by these different stat "paths.

The arguments for why anyone should adopt any particular approach to max stats are many and nuanced, but they may be summarized as "ordered," "combined," and "base" approaches. Some players prioritize increasing a character's practical stats e. This is often called an "ordered stats" approach. Some players prioritize maximizing stat point gains overall, sacrificing a smaller number of points of combat-functional stats for higher all around growth.

This is often called a "combined stats" approach. In either case, the question of whether one should figure temporary bonuses of gear worn at level 99 into their maximizing may further complicate the debate. Some players prioritize non-arbitrariness for "perfect" stat numbers by, for lack of an objective maximum, keep their stats at their natural, objective minima.

How to Max Stats | FFX

This is a "base stats" approach. Importantly, there is no way to level up that leaves your characters ineffective in combat: effectively, the game is too easy for to let the gains and losses make much difference combat-wise.

Factoring whether or not equipment is worn at level 99 creates the "ordered without final equipment" and "ordered with final equipment" and vice versa for combined stats approaches. In addition to the considerations within the goal of maximizing stat growth, maximizing stat growth for all characters is likely to conflict with maximizing other intuitive "perfect game" goals. For example, there is an optional boss called Tantarian and an accessory called Running Shoes.

Running Shoes are available in limited quantity: there are only four in the game, and Tantarian drops one those. The best stat-boosting equipment is not available when Tantarian is available, so one cannot defeat Tantarian necessarily gaining experience and levels without some loss of potential stats compared to a file where all leveling was avoided until the best stat-boosting equipment was available.

One cannot have the most stat growth and the most unique items possible at the same time.Note though that once you add a Sphere to the Sphere Grid it will appear in that same spot for all of your characters. The maximum value for any of your stats is The stat values that you can achieve are as follows:. Maximizing the Luck stat can be extremely difficult and time consuming. It is also not necessary for completing any of the end game bosses, so it is recommended that you raise Luck as much as you can, but you do not need to maximize it to For starters, you are going to need to utilize two other strategies for leveling your characters through the Sphere Grid.

Familiarize yourself with these two strategies before you continue:. Quick Leveling Battling certain fiends at the Monster Arena to quickly level up your characters. You now need to progress your characters through the Sphere Grid and add Spheres to the empty nodes as you progress through it. Start by focusing on one character first and check out their stats.

ffx stat maxing

Next, pick a stat to maximize to and begin filling empty nodes in the Sphere Grid with that Sphere. You could start with Tidus and start by maximizing his Strength stat. Continue filling in the grid until you reach with the stat. Some characters have higher base-level stats than others.

Make sure you add extra Spheres to the grid so that all characters can maximize their stats and use a Clear Sphere if you need to adjust the stats. To clarify, there are a number of different spheres that you can obtain.


Purple Spheres are those used to fill in empty nodes on the Sphere Grid while Red Spheres are those that are used to activate the nodes. For example, a Strength Sphere would be added to a node and then activated by a Power Sphere. Farming Purple Spheres is the more difficult of the two Spheres that you will need to obtain. You will need to defeat specific fiends at the battle Arena to obtain them.


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